Play Area

Before entering into the play area, all parents and guardians must read, review and voluntarily agree to the waiver, media & medical release available via our Check-in Kiosk. All parents must also read and adhere to our Kidz Etc. Terms of Use and Play Safe Rules.


  1. Supervision is mandatory in the play area – even during any classes, day camps or other ‘learn & play sessions’ which are facilitated. Parents and guardians are responsible for their children at all times and must stay on the premises. Occasional assistance may be available from our staff whenever feasible (i.e. for your bathroom breaks; however, it is your responsibility to notify a member of our staff).
  2. Children may only use the play area equipment for their intended use only, in a fair and respectful manner. All children must wait their turn to use any equipment or toys. There is absolutely no climbing or standing on the slide and must use feet first when going down. Throwing toys and other objects is strictly prohibited.
  3. All parents, guardians and children must wash and/or sanitize hands before entering the play area. Encourage your children to wash hands frequently; especially after bathroom use.
  4. Our bathrooms and nursing area are properly equipped and baby proofed. Diapers should be changed in these areas only.
  5. Outside food and drinks are not permitted except food for pre-booked parties and infants (milk, formula, baby food, etc). No food, drinks or chewing gum are allowed in the play area.
  6. Please be mindful that the café serves hot beverage and food. Running is not permitted outside of the play area.
  7. Rough play and aggressive behaviour are not permitted and families may be asked to leave the premises if they demonstrate such behaviour. Children that hurt or injure others or cause damage to the premises will be asked to leave with their parents/guardians.
  8. All of our equipment and toys are sanitized and cleaned every day. Any toys that require cleaning or where children have put in their mouths should be put in the toy baskets that are marked for cleaning. No outside toys are permitted in the facility for safety reasons. We are not responsible for any lost, stolen or damaged toys or personal belongings that you bring onto our premises. We are not responsible for any injuries caused to you or any other participants caused directly or indirectly as a result of any unauthorized toys you bring onto the premises.
  9. We ask that you keep all sick children at home. We will turn families away if they show signs of severe illness like flu, fever rashes or vomiting.
  10. No shoes or bare feet are permitted in the play area. This applies to all children and adults. Shoe cubbies are available for storage.  Socks must be worn in the play area and can be purchased if required. Please monitor your stored items carefully, as we are not responsible for any lost, stolen or damaged personal belongings.
  11. As our Cafe depends on our play equipment and facility being in operation and in a clean and safe environment for all our guests, we require all parents to be mindful of the child’s requirements to use the bathroom frequently and to be in good health. We understand babies and toddlers may be prone to puking/vomitting when not fully burped or with the on-set of an illness. We kindly ask that parents be mindful of this, as accidents may cause our play equipment to be out of service in the event of an accident and this affects all our customers. At our discretion, depending on the accident, we may charge parents a clean up fee of up to $50.
  12. Before entry into the play area, all parents and guardians must read, review and voluntarily agree to the waiver, media & media release.
  13. Play Passes expire after 6 months from date of purchase.



  • Parent supervision is mandatory!
  • Please use all equipment and toys in a careful and respectful manner. Slides go down! No climbing up or standing on the slide and must use feet first when going down. No throwing any toys.
  • Be respectful and fair. Wait for your turn on any equipment.
  • All adults and children must wash their hands before entering the play area.
  • No Rough Play and No Bullying – verbally, physically or socially.
  • Absolutely No food or drinks in the play area. No chewing gum in the play area.
  • Socks only in the play area for all children and adults.
  • Laugh Lots & Have Fun!

*We don’t have a time limit at the moment, but if it gets busy we may notify families to limit their time at the cafe. And, visits are for single time use only. We do not offer in/out privileges.

For our frequent visitors, please review the Play Pass Terms & Conditions for our 10 visit Play Pass. 

Upon purchase of a Play Pass, visitors will be sent a copy and will be requested to sign a digital copy for our records.  In the event that the emailed Play Pass Terms & Conditions are not signed or accepted, they will remain valid at the time of purchase.