Party Policies


Cancellations & Other Terms

  • Payment is due in full at the time of booking of all parties and are NON-REFUNDABLE
  • We accept Cash, Visa, MasterCard, or Interac Payments. Party Hosts will be asked to provide a credit card on file when booking a party in person at the café. Kidz Etc. Learn & Play Café reserves the right to charge the Host for fees incurred such as damages, excessive clean up and/or overtime fees.
  • The Party Host(s) is responsible for the conduct and behaviour of all their Party Guests and will be held liable should any damages to the property and/or equipment of Kidz Etc. occur.
  • The play area is designed for children up to 5 years of age. Older children may be permitted upon approval from Kidz Etc. – provided they follow our Play Safe Rules and use the play equipment in a proper and safe manner.
  • Party guests (children & adults) must follow our Terms of Use & Play Safe Rules.  All parent(s)/guardian(s) must also read, review and voluntarily agree to our Waiver, Media & Medical Release Authorization which can be completed upon arrival at the Check-In/Registration Kiosk.
  • Please start the clean-up and decoration take down 30 minutes prior to the end of your allotted clean up time.  This is to ensure you have sufficient time to clean up any party debris, garbage and to advise your guests to start making preparations to vacate the premises.  Clean up begins at 3PM for the first party and 6PM for the evening time slot.
  • A cost of $50 every 15 minute over the allotted clean up window will be charged to your account for any delays as we need the space for public enjoyment and / or begin setup of the next party scheduled.
  • While staff will assist in re-arranging the play area equipment for the next party, or guests, you should leave the Café and Seating area the way it was prepared for you when you arrived. Please be considerate of other guests and the next party.  A $50 clean up fee may be charged otherwise.
  • If you have booked for the earlier party time slot and there is no party immediately following, guests may stay to enjoy the Play Cafe but will be required to pay for admission.



  • Decorations are allowed, subject to the approval of Kidz Etc.
  • Pins, stapling, glue, duct tape or packing tape are not permitted on walls and all decorations must be taken down/cleaned-up after the event.
  • No glitter, piñatas, or confetti
  • Party hosts will be charged a fee at our discretion for any damage to the premises as a result of decorations (put up or take down).

All Party Hosts are also subject to our Terms of Use and Play Safe Rules.